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Operational Consulting
Operational consulting can produce a concrete guide to implementing your vision for your company. In an operational consultation, Halliday, Schwartz & Co. assesses and evaluates the efficiency as well as the control features of your organization. The engagement can focus on a segment of your business or the entire organization.
Our staff will help you develop a plan to correct any deficiencies we discover during the assessment. Some clients elect to implement the plan on their own, but we have discovered that our support during this process leads to a more thorough and sustainable implementation.
Some typical concerns of our clients include the following:
  • Do I have too many employees or too few?
  • Are employee tasks overlapping and leading to inefficiencies?
  • Are my assets safeguarded against employee theft?
  • Are we handling documents such as invoices too many times?
  • Are customers' orders handled quickly and without error?
  • How do we compare with similar organizations?
  • Is our organization structure too loose or overly complex for our size?
  • Do our employees understand our business's goals?
Business Planning
Many business failures are the direct result of a lack of business planning. A proper business plan can guide owners during the most hectic, exciting, and vulnerable time of their vision: the birth of their business. A business plan can blueprint the way to success. Many lending institutions as well as the Small Business Administration require a detailed business plan.
Halliday, Schwartz & Co. can assist potential business owners write a business plan. Through a series of interviews, financial forecasting, and comparisons to other businesses, we will work with you to create a detailed plan of what you want to accomplish and how you will reach your goal.
Business planning is not limited to start-ups. Halliday, Schwartz & Co. can also lend a hand to current business owners with plans for expansion or ventures into uncharted waters. A new market might look exciting and profitable, but what are the hidden pitfalls? Our accountants can help business owners decide for themselves if a new venture is in the company's future.
Executive Compensation
Are you, as a business owner, compensated so as to minimize taxes? Are your key employees fairly compensated so other businesses cannot steal them away? Should you institute some type of deferred compensation and/or retirement planning? You have worked hard to develop a successful business: now how do you increase your income without overburdening the business with excessive salaries?
More and more companies are asking us these very questions. Halliday, Schwartz & Co. can help you design a compensation package that minimizes the tax burden, provides incentives for enhanced productivity, and leads to better employee retention.
Human Resource Services
The wrong employee is a costly mistake. The right employee is a priceless gem. At Halliday, Schwartz & Co., we are constantly networking with our clients and other professionals who may already know the perfect candidate for your business. We are not a placement agency but can facilitate a meeting between your representatives and a potential accounting employee.
Our human resources services extend to interviewing and evaluating prospective employees in our office. This is a great solution if you want to replace your existing accounting staff but cannot find a place to interview and train prospective staff without your current staff finding out
Business Valuation Services
Are you thinking about selling your closely held business? Are you concerned about your children inheriting the business and the tax consequences to them? If you find that you need an opinion regarding the estimated value of your ownership interest in your business, Halliday, Schwartz & Co. can chip in.
Business valuations are performed for a variety of reasons, such as
  • Selling or buying all or part of a business
  • Obtaining financing
  • Divorce
  • Gift, estate, and inheritance taxes
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable contributions
Our business valuation services range from an oral discussion of reasonable valuations to a comprehensive, fully documented written report that would be defensible in court.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Whether you are contemplating a merger or are on the buy or sell side of an acquisition, a business transaction of this magnitude requires careful attention. Halliday, Schwartz & Co. can facilitate your company in many aspects of a merger or acquisition, including tax planning, acquisition accounting, and integration of the accounting function of the two businesses.
Succession Planning
The effect of lost leadership—whether to illness, sudden death, or poor planning—can be disastrous. Halliday, Schwartz & Co. can assist your company with succession planning so that your business will thrive through leadership changes. Our firm can identify tax considerations, consult with your legal team about estate planning, and help you develop a checklist that will make business succession planning as painless as possible.

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